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This package will give you access to the Blue Chip Fundamentals Program and FIVE hours of phone support with one of our team members, who will answer every question you have with the learning materials and help you with any challenges you meet, with 100% focus to support you. As a bonus for this package, you will also receive 12 complimentary newsletters.


1) The Fundamentals Program provides all the basic knowledge you need to understand, grasp and utilize the global phenomena that is cryptocurrency.

You’ll be carefully guided through a series of in-depth actionable content, giving you the tools, knowledge and confidence necessary to become a successful participant in this space.  You’ll learn:

- Simple steps to quickly and easily begin your journey.

- You’ll learn what separates fundamentally strong cryptos from the rest, as well as the proper way to acquire them at the right prices.

- How to open an exchange account and setup your own digital wallets.

- How to keep your funds safe and secure.

- The top 5 most important cryptocurrencies you need to know about and the technology drivers behind them.

- Specific guideline to do your own research.

- Plus much more.


2) In our Newsletter, you will receive  a detailed analysis of the latest trends in the space, new developments, announcements, innovations and technological breakthroughs.  We invest tremendous time and energy into our research, ensuring our readers are given only the most exclusive up-to-date analysis, statistics and information for all things related to digital currencies. We also offer a highly developed system that tracks ICO’s and evaluates the structure and value of their offerings.

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